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5'8" Superbrand Siamese Palm Viper Surfboard
5'8" Superbrand Siamese Palm Viper Surfboard


Presenting the limited edition Siamese Palm Viper Surfboard by Dion Agius & SUPERbrand. He was hands-on from start to finish: not only did Dion help develop the shape and come up with the “Siamese Palm Viper” name, but he made the four collage art pieces seen on this project.

This special pre-release of the 2014 SPV model will see just 100 boards produced per region, with only the best shops getting the chance to carry the boards. Each board comes with an exclusive booklet on the project, hand signed by Dion.

Concerned about having too many rad shapes to ride—some for airs, some for turns—Dion sought a simple solution. “Can we make a board for airs and turns?” asked Dion. “Sure,” said we. After working closely with Dion on testing and developing, SUPERbrand presents the final, quite perfect result: the Siamese Palm Viper. It’s the best of both worlds: while remaining smooth and clean for turns and rail work, it won’t hold you back while blasting airs.

• Curvy outline with wider center and subtly pulled in nose and tail

• Medium rocker with extra flip off the tail

• Single to double concave with slight V off the tail 

• Ride 3-4 inches shorter and at the same volume as usual board

• Hip squash tail / Tri fin

Price: $655.00


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